Company Profile

CEO Tomiko Fukushima
Establishment Date
2nd June, 2004
¥ 3,000,000 (3 million yen)
3-3, Oenoki ward, Tottori-city, Tottori-Pref. 680-0043, Japan
Telephone number
(+81) 857-32-6030
Number of employees
2 males, 20 females (22 people)
Business field
Service industry (food and tourism), Food processing industry

Service industry (food and tourism), Food processing industry

July, 2004
Opening a Salon de Allure Tottori store at New Otani Hotel in Tottori.
February, 2006
Opening Salon de Allure Yonago store at ANA Crowne Plaza Yonago.
April, 2006
Opening Karoko cuisine restaurant in the seafood market Karoichi.
April, 2009
Expanding and renewing Karoko facilities.
June, 2009
Winning 17th Chugoku Regional New Business Award.
April, 2010
Launching Tottori Kifujin project.
September, 2010
Constructing Karo Bayside Food Factory.
August, 2011
Opening the Oenokian Japanese style cafe gallery, and operating the Kifujingo shuttle bus.
August, 2011
Lauching of Jinpukaku Kifujin project and Oenokian.
November, 2011
Fair Opening event of Tottori Yamanote Story (4 Sisters' origin).
April, 2012
Introducing and Operating of "Cyclopolitan" - three - wheel electric bike.
April, 2012
Starting selling Pink Curry product.
June, 2012
Constructing Lakeside Food Factory.
July, 2012
July, 2012
August, 2012
Constructing a new store in Oenokian campus and relocating of Salon de Allure Tottori store to that place.
December, 2012
Introducing solar power generation system project in Tottori prefecture (installing photovoltaic power panels at Lakeside Food Factory).
February, 2013
Tottori Yamanote Story Fair 2013.
October, 2013
Introducing solar power generation system project in Tottori prefecture (installing photovoltaic power panels at Karo Bayside Food Factory).
December, 2013
Producing a trial three-wheeled bicycle "Princess carriage" equipped with electric power.
March, 2014
Received a decision from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry about building a charging place for electric cars (installation of two EV ordinary chargers).
April, 2014
Receiving "certification of carbon offset" from The Ministry of the Environment and awarded as "Excellent company in protecting J-VER moist forest" from Tottori prefecture.
July, 2014
Releasing pink curry retort.
October, 2014
Winning the 13th Women Entrepreneurs Awards.
October, 2014
Participating in Daikanyama Collection 2014.
January, 2015
Releasing Pink Soy Sauce.
June, 2015
Receiving the "Women's Challenge Award sponsored by the Gender Equality Ministry of the Cabinet Office.
October, 2015
Being selected from 35,000 products and listed in the 2015 special products of the JPN (Japan Press Network) 47 CLUB.
December, 2015
Releasing Pink Mayonnaise.
March, 2016
Pink soy sauce received silver prize at girl gourmet Grand Prix 2016 at FOODEX 2016.
May, 2016
Selling Pink Wasabi.
June, 2016
Winning 24th Chugoku Regional New Business Award.
October, 2016
Opening HANAKIFUJIN shop in Tottori Daimaru. Pink coffee was starting to be offered.
November, 2016
Received the first prize in the category "Business Owner Award" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry of Japan and the Ministry of Regional Innovation Initiatives on the occasion of the 11th Japan Business Awards of Japan Association of Business Entrepreneurs.
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