Brilliant Associates is a “tourism and culinary art” producer in Tottori, Japan, and we are ambitious to promote made-in-Tottori brands which are originated from “Food and Health: Shaping the feelings”. Also, we are going to develop some new products to help the local communities boost their economy. For instance, we are planning to develop some new products targeted at women, taking inspiration from comics and Tottori prefecture’s basic. Also, we hope to successfully create a concept, “Tottori – where you can be a lady.”

Management Philosophy

With the theme of “Food”, “Health” and “Regional Resources”, we will share happiness with customers and related parties through the advertisement of products and services “Happiness Culture”. This aims to contribute for the local community. Our staffs will always serve customers with a shining smile.

Shape feelings through activities

  • Creating regional brands originated from Tottori and "shaping the feelings" activity
    A new sense combining of elegance and taste, such as a three-wheeled cyclopolitan bicycle for ecotourism, environmentally friendly sightseeing, a rice bowl with abundant of Tottori seafood specialties, cafe gallery in an Japanese old house, etc. Not only developing food production for gourmets, our company has also actively engaged in various kinds of environmentally friendly programs.
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